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Important! Developer certificates

Adobe AIR has a button to create a p12 certificate.  This works great.  The certificate that you create here is your ONLY key to your app on the Google Play store.  To update an app on the Play Store, you must use the same certificate.  Therefore, it is important that you only create one certificate and that you make backups of it and never foreget your password for that certificate.  I can't stress enough how important it is to keep that p12 file and password.

Developer Mode

As of version 4.4.2 - Settings -> About Tablet -> Build Number (click on this seven times)

Then click on Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging

That will allow you to install the app on the device through Adobe Flash.

Deploying on Google Play

Deploying on the Apple App Store

Problems connecting to certain web pages

I found that if you have active connections to the same web page or web service on multiple devices on the same router, sometimes Android will get a 404 on those connections.  I've found that if I have my computer and/or another device that is connecting to the same web service or web page, you will get this error.  It has something to do with your router (DHCP maybe).  The most obvious fix is to close the processes on the other devices.  I've tried changing to Google's name servers, but that didn't seem to work.  I'm still researching this issue.

Noise from headphone jack when not playing music

This article describes the problem thoroughly.  I put a resistor between the positive and negative for each set of wires and this solved the problem.

Rand - 2016-07-27 13:33:37

Noise from headphone jack

I found a cable that I made years ago that had these resistors in it the other day. It totally solved my problem with my living room sound system and all I had to do was plug it in. My Nexus 7 tablet plugged into my mixing board and amp was making that horrible sound when the tablet went to sleep. These resistors stop that.

The article says to put a 33 Ohm resistor between the positive and negative of each channel. That way when the mobile device cuts the connection, the resistor connects the two lines so they are not just floating out in space.

It is fairly difficult to make a nice looking cable that does this. I tried the other day and didn't get it right. Not sure if my new droid has this problem or not.


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