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On a PC, to get the full menus in iTunes, press the alt key. From there you can add folders to the library.  This is the only way I've found to move an iTunes library.  All the Apple documentation does not seem to help.


I like to have search turned off in my address bar.  That way if I mistype something, it isn't taking me to some suggested place.

Type about:config, then set keyword.enabled to false and browser.fixup.alternate.enabled to false

gmail: leaving a copy of messages on the server with pop mail in Outlook

Outlook's "leave messages on server for so many days" is not enough.  You need to prepend "recent:" onto your email address like so:

You'll also need to set an Outlook Rule to catch the outgoing messages that it downloads to go to the sent items folder.  This is a little bit like imap, but I dislike imap.  I want to see an unmodified list of emails when I am on different machines.

USB Hard Drive Errors

Run terminal (Run->cmd) and type "chkdsk /f g:" where g: is your drive you want to fix.  Worked for me!!