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Logitech F710 Driver
    You can use the XBox 360 gamepad driver.
    Click Update Driver on it in the device manager.  Do a manual search from the list.  Different versions of Windows have this in different places.  Just hunt and peck until you find an XBox gamepad.
    Bat files for .z5 files with frotz are like this:  frotz C:/zork/enchant/enchant.z5
    Notice that it is using forward slashes in the argument.
    Also notice that I reduced the path so there are no spaces and file/folder names are less then 8 charactes (DOS file names).
XWing Alliance
    Widescreen fix
    Use a hex editor:
    Find line: 0010a370 ... 80 04 00 00 b9 60 03
    Change to:
        Speaking of which, here are some common widescreen resolution hex codes:
        1280x720 - Replace 80 04 with 00 05 and replace 60 03 with D0 02
        1280x800 - Replace 80 04 with 00 05 and replace 60 03 with 20 03
        1366x768 - Replace 80 04 with 56 05 and replace 60 03 with 00 03
        1440x900 - Replace 80 04 with A0 05 and replace 60 03 with 84 03
        1680x1050 - Replace 80 04 with 90 06 and replace 60 03 with 1A 04
        1920x1080 - Replace 80 04 with 80 07 and replace 60 03 with 38 04
        1920x1200 - Replace 80 04 with 80 07 and replace 60 03 with B0 04
    That will change the resolutio for 1152x864, so be sure to select that in the game.
    Now the font will be broken.  Put the fonts.dat file in the XWing Alliance program RESDATA folder.
    Done!!  Widescreen XWing Alliance Rocks!!
Visual Pinball
    Install this to a folder in the root so you don't have to run as admin.
    Be sure to install the older program when it prompts you!!
Video Card
    That older video card I have is an Nvidia 8500 GT.
USB Hubs and Extension Cables
    It looks like you can't use those long usb extension cables with a usb hub on either end, even if they are powered (at least on the older Dell machines).
    I got it to work by running short usb extension cables from the back of the computers to the side of the cabinet and then plugging the longer usb extensions into them and then plugging the gear directly into those.  If you don't do it that way, the gear will behave oddly.  Drivers won't be recognized correctly, keystrokes on the keyboard will start repeating randomly etc...